Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tips to lose fat

1- Limit but don't cut out high fat foods

2- Limit high sugar and high glycemic index foods (including fruit): Simple sugars (and many "complex"carbohydrates) get easily converted into fat, and can also be the cause of high cholesterol

3- Eat more frequently.. but why?
-With smaller servings, your stomach will shrink and you will get full faster
- Digesting burns a surprising amount of calories, eat more often and burn more calories
- When you eat a large meal, the body takes what it needs, and saves the excess as, guess what? FAT. Smaller meals prevent this even if you eat the same amount overall.

4-Never eat before bed

5- Eat slowly: It takes your stomach about 20 minutes to signal the brain after it is full. If you eat too fast you will think you are still hungry and eat more

6- Keep some fat in your "nondiet", as it helps get your body into a "fat burning mode" (term good fat )

7- Eat foods that take lots of energy to burn: These include most vegetables (especially the fibrous ones) and protein sources such as meat

8- Take it easy on complex carbohydrates as any excess gets easily converted to fat. This includes rice, pasta, potatoes, and any "starchy foods". Eat these regularly, but not too much at one time

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